Travis County

Agency Pct End of Watch Cause
Austin Park Police Department      
Police Officer William DeWayne Jones, Sr.   May 28, 2000 Gunfire
Austin Police Department      
Officer Ralph Allen Ablanedo   May 18, 1978 Gunfire
Officer Tom Allen   October 24, 1915 Gunfire
Officer Leland Dale Anderson   June 6, 1975 Gunfire
Officer Thomas Wayne Birtrong   August 23, 1974 Automobile Accident
Officer Drew A. Bolin   June 2, 1995 Vehicle Assault
Officer Donald Eugene Carpenter   January 30, 1964 Gunfire
Lieutenant Clay D. Crabb   October 15, 2013 Automobile Accident
Officer James R. Cummings   December 3, 1933 Motorcycle Accident
Officer Amy Lynn Donovan   October 31, 2004 Struck by Vehicle
Officer Cornelius L. Fahey   March 8, 1875 Gunfire
Officer John Gaines   November 19, 1913 Gunfire
Sergeant Earl Alison Hall   March 4, 2002 Heart Attack
Officer Clinton Hunter   November 29, 2001 Vehicle Assault
Chief of Police James N. Littlepage   October 9, 1928 Gunfire
Officer Robert Townes Martinez, Jr. February 25, 1989 Automobile Accident
Officer Elkins P. Morrison   February 2, 1936 Struck by Vehicle
Senior Police Officer James D. Padron   April 6, 2012 Gunfire
Officer Lee Craig Smith   December 15, 1979 Automobile Accident
Officer Billy Paul Speed   August 1, 1966 Gunfire
Sergeant William Murray Stuart   October 16, 1933 Vehicle Pursuit
Sergeant Walter Lee Tucker   October 14, 1948 Motorcycle Accident
Elgin Police Department      
Chief of Police James M. Mumford   November 15, 1963 Gunfire
Round Rock Police Department      
City Marshal A. G. Hall   April 2, 1878 Gunfire
Travis County Constable's Office
Corporal Kevin Lee Aigner 2 September 20, 2011 Duty Related Illness
Chief Deputy Constable David Elwood Nelson 3 May 20,1985 Automobile Accident
Travis County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Hawkins Berry   February 1, 1967 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff George L. Duncan   September 23, 1911 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Walter Q. Eckert   June 4, 1975 Gunfire
Senior Deputy Sheriff Jessica Laura Hollis   September 18, 2014 Drowned
Deputy Sheriff Charles B. Lacey   November 5, 1982 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Maurice B. Moore   November 10, 1887 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Keith George Ruiz   February 15. 2001 Gunfire

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