Jefferson County

Agency Pct End of Watch Cause
Beaumont Police Department      
Officer Lisa Beaulieu   April 27, 2007 Vehicle Assault
Detective Clarence Brammer                               September 19, 1923 Gunfire (Accidental)
Officer James A. Davis   December 6, 1925 Animal Related
Officer Ronny Lee Garcia   May 19, 1920 Asphyxiation
Officer Conrad S. Gernale   September 6, 2002 Vehicle Assault
Officer Bryan Mitchell Hebert   July 8, 2011 Vehicle Assault
Officer Paul Douglas Hulsey, Jr.   March 22, 1988 Gunfire
Officer Patrick Bruce Hunt   September 8, 1977 Motorcycle Accident
Officer Revis J. Landry December 4, 1945 Struck by Train
Sergeant James Michael Lane September 16, 2004 Helicopter Crash
Officer Bryon Merritt   December 17, 1905 Gunfire
Deputy City Marshal William E. Patterson   September 25, 1881 Gunfire
Officer Jack L. Pickering, Jr.   May 19, 1970 Asphyxiation
Officer Danny R. Richmond   March 12, 1980 Motorcycle Accident
Officer Walter W. Stansbury   July 23, 1903 Gunfire
Officer Gordon Udell Warrick   April 15, 1944 Vehicle Assault
Officer Henry N. Williams   April 26, 1920 Vehicle Assault
Jefferson County Convict Camp      
Guard W. F. Carr   November 2, 1906 Gunfire
Jefferson County Constable's Office      
Constable J. Perry Landrum 4 May 17, 1907 Gunfire
Deputy Constable Elijah Pevito 1 Decenber 17, 1905 Gunfire
Constable W. G. Reddick 1 April 26, 1903 Gunfire
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office      
Deputy Sheriff Ottawa Douglas   September 5, 1913 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Jake Giles   March 24, 1916 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff John E. Hutcheson June 28, 1925 Gunfire
Port Arthur Police Department      
Detective Milton Thomas Levy II   November 14, 1992 Heart Attack
Officer Lewis Steve Hall   August 6, 1976 Gunfire
Officer Paul Aaron Emerson, Sr.   August 3, 1967 Gunfire
Officer A. R. Bradley   December 13, 1936 Gunfire
Detective Ben A. Harris   August 16, 1923 Gunfire
Special Officer Richard D. Hamilton   December 11, 1920 Gunfire
Deputy City Marshal Ed Smith   September 24, 1902 Gunfire



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