Falls County

Agency Pct End of Watch Cause
Falls County Constable's Office      
Constable Samuel Skeen Breeland 6 June 7, 1899 Gunfire
Deputy Constable Tom H. Loftin 7 October 25, 1894 Gunfire (accidental)
Falls County Sheriff's Office      
Deputy Sheriff Harold Dean Humphries   August 21, 1973 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Jacob Anderson Ratliff   June 3, 1906 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Oscar Sharp   November 4, 1920 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Leonard Fleet Stuart   June 19, 1933 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff Elbert Watkins   August 21, 1973 Gunfire
Lott Police Department      
City Marshal Elias J. Daffin   July 12, 1925 Gunfire
Marlin Police Department      
Chief of Police Darrell Lemond Allen   November 10, 2015 Gunfire
City Marshal Marion Marcus Coleman   September 18, 1905 Gunfire
Rosebud Police Department      
City Marshal James Edgar Williams   December 21, 1909 Gunfire

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